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Pro Bono Real Estate Services for St. Augustine
For Buyers

Buyers services are always free at St. Augustine Team Realty.

While some companies charge transaction fees, add on fees or "broker only commissions" to buyers we do not.

Any fees a buyer pays will be normal and regular closing costs outside of St. Augustine Team Realty (purchase price, lender fees such as origination fees, survey costs, home warranties, taxes, etc.).

For Sellers

We offer pro bono real estate services for sellers who are orphans under the age of 25, and for widows or widowers of any age. Due to the work involved we can typically only due one of these at a time.

We offer this service to orphans under the age of 25, to widows, and to widowers because they are the most vulnerable members of our community and because they often have no other place to turn.

Normally we charge 3% of the gross sales price for this service. This is the same service level and effort we offer to all of our customers, and it is a valuable service.

When we list a home the total commission is typically 6%. Half of this goes to the selling firm (us), and the other 3% goes to whatever firm brings the buyer.

Therefore, to advertise the home in the multiple listing service (MLS) the seller needs to offer a buyer side commission. These are the rules in order to list a home in the MLS. A typical buyer side commission in St. Augustine is 2.5% - 3.0%.

Remember, the 3% we normally charge for our services is still free, but you still have to agree to pay the firm that brings the buyer in order for the home to be listed in MLS (so that it can be listed in the MLS).

Please note we do not offer this pro bono service for short sales, as short sale closing costs are typically not abosorbed by the seller, and are usually paid by the lender.

In order to prevent abuse of this policy we reserve the right to limit, or decline, any pro bono transaction, for any reason, or no reason, at any time.

To Find Out More

Call Sean Hess at (904) 386-8327, or email me at

Pro Bono real estate services for St. Augustine











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