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St. Augustine Realtors How To Videos

Don't know anything about real estate? Below you will find a series of video tutorials created by us answering all sorts of real estate questions. Just click on any image to see the video.

We start with our most recent videos, then our most viewed videos, and then the next most recent videos by date.

You can see all of our videos on the St. Augustine Team Realty channel (including homes we've sold) at YouTube, and find answers on a broad variety of real estate subjects on our blog: the StAugBlog

Do you have a question we haven't answered below? Just e-mail us, call Sean at (904) 386-8327, or even use the Google bar below to search for a subject on our website or blog.

3 Easy Steps to Find the Best House. May 2015
Make the Best Offer (and Keep Your Love Life!) May 2015
Looking at Houses with Kids (and Preparing for Kids if You Are the Seller). April 2015
Most Viewed: How To Sell Your Home in 9 Hours. July 2014
Most Viewed: Real Estate Commission. How Does it Work? November 2011
Most Viewed: Tips for Buying and Selling Vacant Land. January 2013
Most Viewed: What Are Buyer Closing Costs? January 2012
Most Viewed: What Are Seller Closing Costs? January 2012
Most Viewed: What Is A Lockbox? October 2012
Now, All The Rest. Starting With the Most Recent...
3 Easy Steps to Find the Best House. May 2015
St Augustine Realtors: Find the best house in 3 easy steps!
Make the Best Offer (and Keep Your Love Life!) May 2015
St Augustine Realtors How to Make the best offer on a house
Looking at Houses with Kids (and Preparing for Kids if You Are the Seller). April 2015
Looking at houses with kids
How We Market Your Home Online. April 2015
Online Marketing for Sellers
How Not to Overpay For A Home. March 2015
Don't overpay for a home
Can I Buy a House with Major Issues? March 2015
Can I buy a house with major issues?
Bigger Ain't Always Better When It Comes to a Mortgage. March 2015
Bigger aint better when it comes to a mortgage
New Rule Changes Will Make Closings Take Longer. February 2015
St Augustine Realtors: New rules make for longer closings
How to Find Your School District (and Apply for Homestead) Online, February 2015
Find your St Augustine School District and Apply for Homestead Online
What Is My Home Worth? January 2015
St Augustine Realtor What is my home worth
How to Search for a Home Online, January 2015
How to search for a home online
Best Price, or Fastest Sale? January 2015
Best Price or Fastest Sale
What Can I Do Now In Order to Buy (or Sell) After New Years? December 2014
What Can I do to buy or sell after New Years?
Do I Know More Than My Agent (About Neighborhoods)? November 2014
Do I know more than my agent?
Should I Send a List of Homes to My Realtor to See, or Should the Realtor Send Me a List? November 2014
Should I send listings to my realtor? (video)
What Are the Association Fees? October 2014
St Augustine Realtor What are the Association Fees
Can I Sell A Home That Needs Repairs? October 2014
Can I Sell a Home that Needs Repairs? (Video)
Can I Sell a Haunted House? October 2014
St. Augustine, Florida, Neighborhoods: Can I Sell a Haunted House? (Video)
Buying Condos: Things You Didn't Know. September 2014
Buying Condos, Things You Didn't Know (video)
Look at the Least Expensive, or Most Expensive Home First? September 2014
Should I look at the least expensive or the most expensive home first? (video)
How Do I See A House for Sale? September 2014
How do I see a house for sale in St. Augustine? (video)
Should I List With an Agent Who Lives in My Neighborhood? August 2014
Should I list with an agent who lives in my neighborhood? (video)
How Do I See a Home if My Agent Is Out of Town? August 2014
How do I see a home if my agent is out of town? (video)
Pricing Is Critical for Selling a Home. July 2014
Pricing is critical when selling a home (video)
What A Seller Can Do for a Smooth Closing. June 2014
What a seller can do for a smooth closing (video)
Why You Need a Home Inspection for New Construction. March 2014
Why you need a home inspection on new construction (video)
Demolishing A Shed: Easy, Except for the Hard Work. February 2014
Demolishing a Shed (video)
Tips for When You Are Building a New House. February 2014
Tips for when you are building a new house (video)
Will It Help or Hurt If I Wait to Buy? January 2014
Will it help or hurt if I wait to buy a home (video)
Can I Buy a Home With No Money Down? December 2013
Can I buy a home with no money down (video)
The Realtor Says It's a Good Time to Sell ... But It's Your Call. December 2013
The Realtor Says It's a Good Time to Sell ... But It's Your Call (video)
No Double Dipping On An As-Is Contract! November 2013
No double dipping on an as-is contract (video)
Getting Extras In New Construction. October 2013
Getting extras in new construction (video)
When Should You Buy New Construction? October 2013
When You Should Buy New Construction (video)
Why You Should NEVER Represent Yourself in a Real Estate Transaction! August 2013
Never rep yourself in a real estate transaction (video)
How I Lost a Home, and How You Can Avoid the Same Mistake! July 2013
How a real estate broker lost a home (video)
Should I Make a Big Deal About the Home Inspection? July 2013
What should I make a big deal about at the home inspection? (video)
Applying for a Loan? What to Expect! June 2013
Applying for a loan (video)
Is Spring the Best Time to Buy or Sell? April 2013
Is spring the best time to buy or sell (video)
Tips for Buying, and Then Renting, a Beach Condo. March 2013
Tips for buying and then renting a condo (video)
Does the Seller Have to Consider My Offer? No! February 2013
Does the seller have to consider my offer (video)
Tips for Buying a Beach Condo. February 2013
Tips for buying a beach condo (video)
Tips on Buying Vacant Land. January 2013
Tips for buying and selling vacant land (video)
Should a Seller Get a Home Inspection? January 2013
Should a seller get a home inspection first (video)
Tips for Talking to a Realtor (to Describe Exactly What You Want). January 2013
Tips for talking to a realtor (video)
Simple, Low Cost Tips for Staging a House. December 2012
Simple tips for staging a house (video)
Can I Put an Offer In On a House that is Pending? December 2012
Can I put an offer in on a pending house (video)
What if the Appraisal is Low? December 2012
What if the appraisal comes in low (video)
Buyers: More Listings To See During Holidays, or in January? November 2012
Buyers, more homes to see in December or January (video)
Should the Seller Be at the Showing? November 2012
Should a seller be at the showing (video)
What is a Lockbox? How Does a Lockbox Work? October 2012
What is a lockbox and how does it work (video)
What is a 4 Point Inspection? September 2012
What is a 4 point inspection (video)
What is a Binder (Earnest Money, Good Faith, EDM, etc.) Deposit? September 2012
What is an earnest money deposit (video)
What is it Like Getting a House Tented for Termites? August 2012
Getting a house tented for termites (video)
First Time Buyer? Money You Need Up Front. August 2012
Money a first time buyer needs (video)
Can I Ask for Repairs on an AS-IS Contract? August 2012
Can I ask for repairs on an as is contract? (video)
Better to Buy a Pool Home, or Buy Cheaper and Build a Pool? July 2012
Better to buy a home with a pool or to build a pool (video)
What is a Home Inspection Like? June 2012
What is a home inspection (video)
What is a "WDO" in Florida Real Estate? It's the Pest Inspection. June 2012
What is a WDO (video)
Buying New Construction? How a Realtor Helps You. June 2012
How a realtor helps with new construction (video)
How To Move On If Your Offer Was Rejected. June 2012
Moving on after your offer is rejected (video)
Making an Offer on a Home. May 2012
Making an offer on a home (video)
Principal + Interest + Taxes + Insurance = PITI. May 2012
Principal + Interest + Taxes + Insurance = PITI video
We Have an Agreement! Now What? (Going from Sales Contract to Closing). April 2012
St. Augustine Realtors tell you what happens afte the sales contract is sign
What is the Difference Between an Agent and Broker? March 2012
Difference between agents and brokers
Can a Buyer Work With the Listing Agent? March 2012
Can a buyer work with the listing agent?
The First Steps for a First Time Buyer February 2012
First Steps for First Time Buyers
What are Seller Closing Costs? February 2012
St. Augustine Realtors What are Seller Closing Costs
What are Buyer Closing Costs? January 2012
St. Augustine Realtors: Buyer Closing Costs
How to Choose a Realtor: a Checklist. January 2012
How to choose a realtor
How to Choose a Realtor, an Overview. December 2011
How to choose a Realtor
Why Won't My Home Sell? December 2011
Why Won't My Home Sell?
Should I Sell My Home, or Buy a Home, During the Holidays? December 2011

Should I Sell During the Holidays?

How a Realtor Prices Your Home. November 2011

How a Realtor prices your home

How To Price a Home to Sell. October 2011

How to Price a Home to Sell

How Real Estate Commission Works. October 2011

How Real Estate Commission Works

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