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If I Have an Eviction, Will it Show Up?

Monday, July 25th, 2011

by Sean Hess (, Broker and Manager for St. Augustine Team Realty ( Join us on Facebook.

If I have an eviction will it show up?

Get evicted and you could end up living here.

Get evicted and you could end up living here.

Oh, yes it will.  If the property management company or landlord does a background check that includes evictions it will show up.   Our property management department does that type of background check.

Look, if you get behind on your rent for any reason, make nice with the landlord and work something out.  An eviction is like taking a nuclear bomb to your credit rating because not only will it keep you from renting, it will keep you from buying as well.  You may end up living in a car or cardboard box…I’m not being trite here I’m being for real.

The thing is, at least in 2011, landlords can understand foreclosures and bankruptcies.  The stock market crashed, people lost their jobs, the home bubble burst…people lost their homes and their savings. 

But no landlord (or lender) understands eviction.  Eviction is willfully staying on in a place after you’ve either quit paying rent or violated the terms of the lease.  It means that the landlord had to hire an attorney and go down to the courthouse and file papers.  It means that the situation went so far that a judge ordered you out of the property and sent a sheriffs deputy to physically remove you from the premises. 

It’s not that a landlord doesn’t understand the reasons why you couldn’t pay your rent.  In many cases it could be the same things cited above (stock market crash, job loss, etc.).  And a landlord can even understand that if you leave a place you may not have anywhere else to go at least in the short term.  Maybe you can work something out with them, maybe you can’t. 

But don’t ever let it go as far as eviction!  If you’re not paying rent you’re going to leave anyway, right?  If you turn in the keys that’s not eviction, it’s default.  And default might be bad for your credit but eviction is death for finding a place to live…at least a place that’s nice enough to live where someone will check your background.

Trust me, you want someone to check your background.  Because if they didn’t check your background, they didn’t check your neighbors’ background either.  You want your kids living next to that?  

Want a property manager that will care enough to check your background?  Contact St. Augustine Team Realty!