Update On Our Native / Drought Resistant Plants Project

by Sean Hess (Sean@StAugTeam.com), Broker and Manager for St. Augustine Team Realty (www.StAugustineTeamRealty.com). Join us on Facebook and me on Google+.

Moving Society Garlic with the kids.

Moving Society Garlic with the kids.

We moved some plants this weekend.

When we originally started this we drew out a planting plan on graph paper on where things would go.

We put the Florida native wildflowers in the front (because they usually stay close to the ground), and put the society garlic behind them, because the garlic usually grows taller.

Well, the wildflowers took off! Some of them got as high as two feet, blocking the garlic from view. So we moved the garlic to the front.

Here’s what we did:

I transplanted a single garlic in the center, and then my daughter measured 8 inches out from that plant on each side to mark where we would put the next one. We did this until we ran out of plants.

One of the things we discovered when we were transplanting the garlic was how weed roots and centipede grass roots would try and intertwine with the garlic. The centipede grows pretty worthless above ground but it has no problem messing with the garlic, which p*ssed me off.

So we covered the ground around the garlic with newspaper, and wetted it, to keep the weeds and centipede grass out.

Then we pulled the radio flyer to the back yard and raked a few wagon loads of pine straw to cover the newspaper. I had my son help spread the pine straw.

Voila! We were done.

Right now we have a backlog of 10 plants that need to go in, so I think we’re going to round up some type of native butterfly attractor, and maybe some crotons to add some color.

We will keep you posted!

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