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Track Record
Following are most of the properties we've sold throughout our years in the business, going back to when our Broker Sean Hess started in real estate. These don't include sales from our agents before they joined the Team (just while they were members). Properties appearing twice have been sold twice. Properties appearing three times have been sold three times. Wouldn't it be nice to have agents so good that three different customers hired our agents to sell the same property each time they moved? That's a great customer review by itself! Check and see if you can find your street or neighborhood below...
565 sales and counting.
0 Eleventh Street (Pacetti North Beach)
0 Evergreen Avenue (San Sebastian River)
0 Kennedy (Presidential Gardens)
0 Kennedy (Presidential Gardens)
1 Indian Mound (Miramar On The Bay)
1 Ocean Trace #245 (Spanish Trace Condos)
1001 Alcala (St. Augustine Shores)
1004 Queen Rd (St. Augustine South)
1004 San Jose (Mandarin)
1008 Saltwater Cir (Sea Grove)
10110 W Deep Creek (Flagler Estates)
1012 Royal Troon (The Greens Condos)
1013 Oak Arbor Circle (Heritage Park)
10165 Old Dixie Rd. (St. Augustine Park)
1023 Saltwater Circle (Seagrove)
10230 Carpenter Avenue (Flagler Estates)
1024 Saltwater Cir (Seagrove)
1024 Three Forks Court (Heritage Landing)
1032 W. Terranova Way (Murabella)
1035 Bella Vista Boulevard #103 (Bella Vista Condos)
104 Margarita Road (Federal Point)
104 Margarita Road (Federal Point)
104 Marsh Island Circle (Eagle Creek)
104 Surfview Dr 2408 (Matanzas Shores Condos)
104 West Ashland (Kettle and Harris)
105 Needle Palm Drive (Sea Pines)
106 Myrtlewood Point Road (Federal Point)
1060 Deer Chase Dr. (Stonegate)
1060 Greco Road (St. Augustine Shores)
108 Bay Bridge Dr. (Serenity Bay)
108 Bay Bridge Dr. (Serenity Bay)
108 Cedar Ridge (Cedar Ridge)
1080 Bella Vista #206 (Bella Vista Condos)
1087 Three Forks Court (Heritage Landing)
109 Casa Sevilla Ave. (Sevilla)
109 Riverview Cir (San Mateo)
109 Riverview Cir (San Mateo)
109 Serenity Bay Boulevard (Serenity Bay)
11 Cincinnati Street (Rhode Addition)
11 Marilyn Ave (Madeira Heights)
11 Catalonia (Conquistador Condos)
112 Gargonza Court (Tuscany Village)
1121 Wild Cedar Ct. (Heritage Park)
1130 Cypress Road (Kings Road Estates)
1143 Capitol (Ogden)
116 Istoria Drive (Istoria)
116 Julia Street (Ravenswood)
117 Moultrie Crossing Lane (Moultrie Crossing)
118 Saturn Road (St Augustine South)
118 Wisteria Rd. (St Augustine South)
1185 Sandlake (Turnbery at World Golf Village)
1185 Sandlake Rd (Turnbery at World Golf Village)
119 Hercules (St Augustine South)
119 Moore Street (Atwood Tract)
1199 Ardmore Street (The Meadows)
120 Loyola Road (St Augustine South)
120 Laurel Wood Way #101 (Belle Haven)
120 Sunset Harbor Way #201 (Sunset Harbor)
1108 Nochaway Drive (Samara Lakes)
1114 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
1114 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
1207 Ardmore Street (The Meadows)
1208 Park Circle Court (Heritage Park)
1210 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
1210 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
1211 Ardmore St (The Meadows)
1214 Vista Cove Road (Vista Cove Condos)
1218 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
1229 Hernandez (Medeira Heights)
1236 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
1236 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
1236 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
1236 Maclaren Street (The Meadows)
1241 N. Brevard Street (Dancy Tract)
1247 Palm Drive (Palm Harbor)
1253 Ardmore Drive (The Meadows)
1255 Ponce Island Drive #706 (Ponce Tennis Village)
1261 E. Flagler Blvd (St. Augustine Park)
125 Marsh Island Circle (Eagle Creek)
125 Swallow (St Augustine South)
1283 Winterhawk Dr. (Wildwood Creek)
13 Grandview Drive (Surfwood)
13 Navarra Court (Conquistador Condos)
130 Mohegan Road (St Augustine South)
1301 Ardmore St. (The Meadows)
131 Hercules Rd. (St Augustine South)
1319 Eisenhower Drive (Presidential Gardens)
132 Jasmine Rd. (St Augustine South)
132 North Blvd. (Jackson Park)
132 North Blvd. (Jackson Park)
133 Gentian Road (St Augustine South)
133 Merlot (Paloma)
1332 Eisenhower Road (Presidential Gardens)
135 Dory Road (St. Augustine South)
135 Dory Road (St. Augustine South)
136 South Street (Jackson Park)
137 Monte Carlo (Tuscany Village)
137 Southwalk Place (Southwalk)
138 Boulder Rock Drive (Palm Coast)
140 Lake Street (Pomona Park)
1408 S. Snapper Lane (Fernandina Beach)
141 Seminole Rd. (St. Augustine South)
141 Whispering Oaks (Whispering Oaks)
1413 Heather Court (The Meadows)
143 Massey (Palatka)
145 Captains Point Circle (Captains Point)
1462-64 Whitney (Masters)
148 Marsh Island Drive (Eagle Creek)
149 Menendez Ave. (Davis Shores)
149 Turtle Bay Lane (Turtle Shores)
15 Bridge Street (Historic District)
15 Stately Shoals Trail (Nocatee)
1504 Lunar Tide Terrace (Heritage Landing)
1509 San Lucie Court (San Jose Forest)
1535 CR 13A South (Elkton)
1535 CR 13A South (Elkton)
1535 CR 13A South (Elkton)
154 Southwind Circle (Surfwood)
155 Amistad Drive (Villages of Valencia)
155 Legendary Drive Unit 106 (Legends of World Golf Village)
156 Timberwood (Timberwood Landing)
156 Fallen Timber (Timberwood Landing)
1587 Timber Trace Drive (Whisper Ridge)
159 Positano Avenue (Murabella)
16 Bishop Lane (Palm Coast)
1602 Winstonian Way (Heritage South)
1603 Timber Trace Road (Whisper Ridge)
1609 Prestwick Place (The Greens Condos)
164 Nix Boat Yard Road (Perpall Grant)
164 Ocean Hollow Lane (Villages of Vilano)
165 Whisper Ridge Drive (Whisper Ridge)
166 Balearics Drive (Villages of Valencia)
167 Segovia Road (St. Augustine South)
168 Fonseca Drive (Tuscany)
17 Carey St. (Aiken Park)
17 Carey St. (Aiken Park)
17 Menendez (Davis Shores)
170 Nix Boat Yard Road (Perpall Grant)
17105 Harbour Vista Cir. (The Preserve Condos)
172 Deltona Road (St. Augustine Shores)
174 Summer Point Drive (Summer Point)
1745 Keswick Road (Royal St. Augustine)
1765 Keswick Road (Royal St. Augustine)
177 Moses Creek Boulevard (Moses Creek Estates)
179 Blanco Street (Lincolnville)
18 Lindberg Lane (Palm Coast)
180 Edge of Woods (Turnberry, World Golf Village)
1801 Keswick Road (Royal St. Augustine)
1801 Prestwick Place (Royal St. Augustine)
181 Alava Ct. (St. Augustine Shores)
1812 Woodstone Way (Whisper Ridge)
1812 Woodstone Way (Whisper Ridge)
1828 Woodstone Way (Whisper Ridge)
1831 Vista Cove (Vista Cove Condos)
1831 Vista Cove (Vista Cove Condos)
1835 Century Blvd. (Century Hills)
1840 Century Blvd. (Century Hills)
1865 Four Mile Road (Sanchez Subdivision)
186 Palmwood Drive (Palm Coast)
186 Surfside Avenue (Surfside)
188 Irish Rose Road (Ashley Oaks - World Golf Vil.)
188 Crete Ct. (Tuscany)
1898 Eaton Road (Green Cove Springs)
19 Crompton Place (Palm Coast)
1924 Silver Hawk Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
1924 Silver Hawk Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
190 Nix Boat Yard Road (Perpall Grant)
194 Whisper Ridge Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
1960 Silver Hawk Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
1960 Silver Hawk Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
1960 Silver Hawk Dr (Whisper Ridge)
1960 Silver Hawk Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
197 Calle De Leon (Parque Aviles)
198 Lily Road (St Augustine Shores)
20 Hawaiian Blvd. (Hawaiian Isle Estates)
200 16th St. (Anastasia Oaks)
201 Yacht Club Dirve #12 (Camachee Island Condo)
201 Yacht Club Drive #19 (Camachee Island Condo)
201 Yacht Club Drive #22 (Camachee Island Condo)
201 Federal Point Road (Federal Point)
201 River Island Circle (Eagle Harbor)
2010 Vista Cove Rd. (Vista Cove)
2021 Vista Cove Road (Vista Cove)
204 Crete Court (Tuscany Village)
205 South Ocean Grande #102 (Ocean Grande)
205 Sea Turtle Way (Porpoise Point)
2065 Wildwood Dr. (Wildwood)
207 Sisco Rd. (Pomona Park)
208 10th Street (Chautauqua Beach)
208 16th Street Unit K (Anastasia By The Sea)
208 Baracoa Ct. (St. Augustine Shores)
208 Vintage Oak Cir. (Bartram Oaks)
209 Sixteenth Street (Pacetti North Beach)
21 Atlantic Avenue (Hildreth Back Bay)
211 Boating Club Rd. (Pacetti North Beach)
211 Boating Club Rd. (Pacetti North Beach)
211 Boating Club Rd. (Pacetti North Beach)
211 Boating Club Rd. (Pacetti North Beach)
211 Crete Court (Tuscany Village)
211 Syrah Way (Paloma)
212 Michael Drive (South Walk)
213 Cortorro Lane (St. Augustine Shores)
213 Saranac Lane (Stonegate)
214 Argus Road (St. Augustine South)
214 Wooded Crossing Circle (Heritage Park)
215 Shore Drive (St. Augustine Shores)
215 Shore Drive (St. Augustine Shores)
218 Treasure Beach Road (Treasure Beach)
219 Buck Run Way (Samara Lakes)
22 Fountain of Youth (Fountain Of Youth Condo)
22 Sea Oaks Dr. (Sea Oaks)
233 Monterey Avenue (Santa Rosa)
24 Smith Street (West Augustine)
2204 Blackstone Way (Whisper Ridge)
2204 Blackstone Way (Whisper Ridge)
2204 Blackstone Way (Whisper Ridge)
2212 Blacktone Way (Whisper Ridge)
2212 Blacktone Way (Whisper Ridge)
2221 Blackstone Way (Whisper Ridge)
2239 Fort Mellon Court (Heritage Landing)
224 Brantley Harbor Drive (Grand Cay)
224 Brantley Harbor Drive (Grand Cay)
228 Silver Glen Avenue (Heritage Landing)
2248 Deerwood Acres (Deerwood Acres)
2255 Golden Lakes Loop (Sebastian Cove Condo)
23 Burnell Dr (Palm Coast)
2316 Vista Cove (Vista Cove Condos)
235 Atlantis #205B (Seaside At Anastasia)
237 Deportivo Drive (Tuscany)
240 Sunshine Drive (Summer Point)
2413 Park Ridge Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
252 Pinehurst Pointe Drive (Pinehurst Pointe - WGV)
255 Circle Dr East (Myrtle Meadows)
255 Old Village Center (Old Town Villages)
256 S. Matanzas (Davis Shores)
26 Cincinnati St. (Rohde Addition)
266 Syrah Way (Paloma)
270 Dartmouth Road (St. Augustine South)
2724 N. Portofino Drive (Murabella)
273 North Churchill Dr. (Hidden Lakes)
276 North Churchill Dr. (Hidden Lakes)
277 North Churchill Dr. (Hidden Lakes)
2780 San Juan (St. Augustine Heights)
2780 San Juan (St. Augustine Heights)
280 N. Hidden Tree Dr. (The Hideaway)
280 N. Hidden Tree Dr. (The Hideaway)
280 Wooded Crossing Circle (Heritage Park)
2802 Vista Cove Rd. (Vista Cove)
2808 Vista Cove Road (Vista Cove)
285 Old Village Center Cir #5107
286 Syrah Way (Paloma)
286 Syrah Way (Paloma)
289 Churchill Drive North  (Hidden Lakes)
29 B Fountain Of Youth Blvd. (Ponce De Leon Villg.)
290 North Churchill (Hidden Lakes)
2900 A1A South (Coquina Gables)
2914 Vista Cove Road (Vista Cove)
293 North Churchill (Hidden Lakes)
2985 Bay Street (Sheppard Crosby(
299 Churchill Drive South  (Hidden Lakes)
3 Volusia (West Augustine)
300 Shores Blvd. (St. Augustine Shores)
301 Augusta Cir (The Greens)
305 Genoa Rd. (St. Augustine South)
305 Genoa Rd. (St. Augustine South)
305 Raintree Trail (Moultrie Trails)
305 Whittaker Place (Greenwood)
305 Wooded Crossing Circle (Heritage Park)
308 F Street (Coquina Gables)
308 Moseley Avenue (Palatka)
309 Volterra Place (Tuscany Village)
3029 Cassata Lane North (Murabella)
312 Tanager (St. Augustine South)
31205 Harbour Vista Circle (The Preserve)
3121 Green Acres Road (Green Acres Estates)
316 South Churchill Dr (Hidden Lakes)
3160 Trout Creek Circle (Heritage Landing)
32 Navarra Ct. (Conquistador Condos)
32 Park Terrace (Park Terrace)
321 South Churchill Dr. (Hidden Lakes)
3224 Fiddlers Hammock (Marsh Creek)
3237 Carmel Road
324 South Churchill Dr (Hidden Lakes)
327 Graciela Circle (St. Augustine Shores)
3280 Debra Court (Willow Walk)
3285 SR 207 (Vermont Heights)
329 Village Dr. (Villages of Vilano)
33 Catalonia Court (Conquistador Condos)
33 Catalonia Court (Conquistador Condos)
33 Big Bear Lane (Palm Coast)
334 Willow Winds Parkway (Durbin Crossing)
3304 Haley Point (Vista Cove)
3304 Cedar Glen Way (Oakbrook)
3304 Shore Drive (St. Augustine Shores)
3305 12th Street (Vermont Heights)
331 Churchill Drive South (Hidden Lakes)
3321 11th Street (Vermont Heights)
3329 11th Street (Vermont Heights)
336 South Churchill Dr (Hidden Lakes)
336 Whisper Ridge Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
3313 Ravello Drive North (Murabella)
3385 Kings Road South (Oakbrook)
34 Alcira Ct. (Conquistador Condos)
34 Alcira Ct. (Conquistador Condos)
340 Islander Circle Unit 4 (Islander Carriage Homes)
3424 Carmel Road (St. Augustine South)
3467 Putnam Road (St. Augustine South)
35 Magnolia Ave (Miramar on the Bay)
350 Fortuna Ave (Santa Rosa)
350 Fortuna Ave (Santa Rosa)
350 South Churchill Drive (Hidden Lakes)
35211 Harbour Vista Circle (The Preserve)
35215 Harbour Vista Circle (The Preserve)
3525 Kings Road South (Oakbrook)
3531 Lone Wolfe Trail (Prairie Creek)
3537 Atcheson #39 (Atcheson Estates)
3537 Atcheson #39 (Atcheson Estates)
3537 Atcheson #40 (Atcheson Estates)
3537 Atcheson #40 (Atcheson Estates)
355 South Churchill Dr. (Hidden Lakes
356 Edge of Woods Drive (Turnberry at World Golf Village)
358 Casaurina Cir. (St. Augustine Shores)
36 Catalonia Court (Conquistador Condos)
3635 Citara Court (Murabella)
364 Shores Blvd. (St. Augustine Shores)
37 Kon Tiki Circle (Hawaiian Island Estates)
3715 Pacetti Road (Huertas Grant)
372 Churchill Drive South (Hidden Lakes)
372 San Nicolas (Ocean Palms)
3761 Rosewood / 300 Floridian (Sunset Park)
3784 Arrowhead Rd. (Wildwood Creek)
38 Moonlit Trail (Johns Creek)
3853 Ashglen Drive (Ashwood)
390 Sevilla Rd. (St. Augustine Shores)
390 Whisper Ridge Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
39203 Harbour Vista Circle (The Preserve)
39205 Harbour Vista Circle (The Preserve)
3936 Sea Eagle Circle (Creekside)
3936 Sea Eagle Circle (Creekside)
3941 Sea Eagle Circle (Creekside)
395 Graciella Circle (St. Augustine Shores)
398 Ocean Forest Dr. (Anastasia Dunes)
4 Long Lake Way (Palm Coast)
4 Ocean Trace #7 (St. Aug Beach & Tennis)
4 Ocean Trace #410 (St. Aug Beach & Tennis)
4 Ocean Trace #107 (St. Aug Beach & Tennis)
4 Ocean Trace #107 (St. Aug Beach & Tennis)
400 S. Woodlawn (Pacetti)
400 Sweet Magnolia (Cedar Ridge)
412 Plantation Grove Lane (Governors Plantation)
413 Gianna Way (Coronado)
414 Prince Road (St. Augustine South)
416 San Nicolas (Ocean Palms)
416 San Nicolas (Ocean Palms)
418 Domenico Circle (Fairview Condos)
418 Domenico Circle #1 (Fairview Condos)
4225 Wicks Branch (Moultrie Trace)
4250 A1A South Unit K 26 (Ocean Village Club)
426 Casaurina (St. Augustine Shores)
428 Arricola Ave (Davis Shores)
429 Altara (St. Augustine Shores)
4411 Serena Circle (Villages of Vilano)
4420 Carter Road #21 (The Oaks of Wildwood)
443 Horseshoe Rd. South (Fatio Grant)
4435 Vicki Street (Flagler Estates)
4436 Eagle Creek Ct. (Eagle Creek)
446 Hefferon Drive (Heritage Park)
4475 US 1 South Unit 202 (Plaza South)
4475 US 1 South Unit 203 (Plaza South)
4480 Sartillo Road (Blairwood)
4480 Sartillo Road (Blairwood)
449 Mackenzie Circle (The Meadows of WGV)
4500 De Leon Place (De Leon Manor)
4508 Golf Ridge Drive (Cypress Lakes)
454 Arricola Ave (Davis Shores)
4545 SR16 (Huertas Grant)
46 Weeden Street (Lincolnville)
4605 Legends Lane (Cypress Lakes)
461 Cabernet Place (Paloma)
4637 Avenue D (Oak Grove)
4640 Legends Lane (Cypress Lakes)
4648 Peele Street (Cypress Lakes)
4670 A1A 15B (Colony Reef Club)
468 Lobelia Road (St. Augustine South)
473 Linda Court (St. Augustine Shores)
48 Louisiana Drive (Palm Coast)
480 Keller Lane (Keller Lane)
4812 Innisbrook Ct. S (Cypress Lakes)
4825 A1A Unit 17 (Pepper Tree)
4829 Innisbrook Ct. S. (Cypress Lakes)
483 Cabernet Place (Paloma)
4830 Wolfe Rd. (Huertas Grant)
486 Hefferon Drive (Heritage Park)
488 Romano (St. Augustine Shores)
490 Arricola (Davis Shores)
4915 Flagler Estates Blvd. (Flagler Estates)
495 Acacia (Anastasia Park)
497 Porta Rosa Circle (Murabella)
4988 Cypress Links Blvd. (Cypress Lakes)
5 Aledo (Conquistador Condos)
5 Indian Mound Drive (Mirimar on the Bay)
5 Masters Drive (Ravenswood Forest)
50 Smith Street (Greeno Tract)
501 Cabernet Circle (Paloma)
501 Hayley Road (Felix Webster)
501 Hoot Owl Court (Island Hammock)
5017 Cypress Links Blvd. (Cypress Lakes)
503 Augusta Circle (The Greens)
5055 Kenneth Ave. (Flagler Estates)
506 12th Street (Pacetti North Beach)
507 Irish Rose Road (Ashley Oaks)
5071 Cypress Links Blvd. (Cypress Lakes)
508 Cowford Ferry Court (Heritage Landing)
515 Gerona Road (St. Augustine South)
515 Federal Point Road (St. Johns Riverfront)
515 Fox Hollow Lane (Fox Hollow)
516 N. Tree Garden Dr. (The Hideaway)
520 Pineapple (Eagle Creek)
520 Pineapple (Eagle Creek)
521 Chadwick Drive (Hidden Lakes)
521 Tart Road (Lewis Speedway)
5200 Playpen Drive #16 (Timber Run)
5237 Timucua (Greenwood)
5237 Timucua (Greenwood)
5243 Medoras Ave. (Biera Mar)
5280 CR 208 (Miguel Papy Grant)
5294 Cypress Links Blvd. (Cypress Lakes)
530 Mackenzie Cir. (The Meadows of World Golf Village)
5304 Shore Drive (St. Augustine South)
5319 Cypress Links (Cypress Lakes)
532 Fox Hollow Lane (Fox Hollow)
5337 CR 208 (Miguel Papy Grant)
5396 Second St. (Windswept Acres)
540 Ruba Road (Ruba Sub)
5424 A1A South (Anastasia Hills)
5484 Chambers Way (Brookhollow)
5484 Chambers Way (Brookhollow)
550 Florida Club #107 (Florida Club)
550 Florida Club #207 (Florida Club)
550 Florida Club #304 (Florida Club)
5667 Arthur Drive (Daniel Hurlburt Grant)
5667 Arthur Drive (Daniel Hurlburt Grant)
577 Willow Walk (Willow Walk)
5801 U.S. 1 South (U.S. 1 South)
5943 Pavillion Road (Emerald Preserve)
6 Madeore St. (Bayview)
600 Cedar Bough (Cedar Ridge)
600 Domenico Circle F10 (Fairview Condos)
600 Domenico Circle F6 (Fairview Condos)
6000 Pine Creek (Mill Creek Pines)
601 Santa Teresa Ct.(Palencia)
601 Peggy Place (Vaill Point Terrace)
601 Peggy Place (Vaill Point Terrace)
608 Knollwood (Southwood)
608 Queen Road (St. Augustine South)
61 Orange Street (Model Land Co.)
610 Nineteenth Street (Pacetti North Beach)
610 Nineteenth Street (Pacetti North Beach)
610 Drake Bay Terrace (Paloma)
6113 E. Cypress Drive (St. Augustine Park)
6141 A1A South (Treasure Beach)
6146 SW 104th Street (Gainesville)
6170 A1A South Unit 201 (Atlantic East Condos)
618 Christina Dr. (St. Augustine Shores)
618 Christina Dr. (St. Augustine Shores)
618 Christina Dr. (St. Augustine Shores)
620 A1A Beach Blvd Unit 4 (Island South)
620 A1A Unit 4 (Island South)
621 Old Beach Road (Lake Sienna)
624 Christina Drive (St. Augustine Shores)
627 Porta Rosa Circle (Murabella)
63 Shores Blvd. (St. Augustine Shores)
632 Shores Blvd. (St. Augustine Shores)
633 Drake Bay Terrace (Paloma)
6340 Pine Circle South (St. Augustine Park)
636 West 16th (Sea Ranch)
6360 Old Dixie Drive (St. Augustine Park)
6367 West Magnolia (St. Augustine Park)
640 Gentian Road (St. Augustine South)
6425 US 1 South (Andreas Pappy Grant)
647 Drake Bay Terrace (Paloma)
6485 County Road 16A (Huertas Grant)
649 Drake Bay Terrace (Paloma)
652 Casa Fuerta (Ocean Palms)
6527 Glenhurst (Toledo)
656 Coral Circle (Sea Ranch)
6598 Nassau Street (Ocean Grove)
66 Hannah Cole Drive (Hannah's Walk)
664 Mackenzie Circle (The Meadows at World Golf Village)
665 Picasso Drive (Florentine)
670 Pearl Street (West Augustine)
670 Pearl Street (West Augustine)
673 W. King Street (Colle Sub)
677 Cira Ct. (St. Augustine Shores)
678 Gilda Drive (St. Augustine Shores)
6801 W. Seacove Avenue (Seagate Cove)
686 Cira Court (St. Augustine Shores)
69 Longview Way (Palm Coast)
693 Cira Ct. (St. Augustine Shores)
694 Shores Blvd. 6-7 (Casa Bella)
6970 A1A S. #133 (Beachers Lodge)
6970 A1A S. #228 (Beachers Lodge)
6970 A1A S. #237 (Beachers Lodge)
6970 A1A S. #413 (Beachers Lodge)
71 Village Del Prado (Ocean Gallery Condos)
704 Old Loggers Way (Oakbrook)
708 Longneedle Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
716 6th Street (Clark Addition)
713 Longneedle Dr. (Whisper Ridge)
7175 A1A South F-136 (Pelican Inlet Condos)
721 Irish Rose Road (Ashley Oaks)
723 Promenade Pointe Drive (Palencia)
725 Crestwood Drive (Southwood)
7265 A1A South D-11 (Point Matanzas)
727 East Red House Branch (Heritage Park)
728 Blue Seas Ct. (Turtle Shores)
737 Queen Road (St Augustine South)
743 Needle Grass Dr. (Sea Pines)
752 Viscaya (St. Augustine Shores)
759 Scrub Jay Drive (Wingfield Glen)
7673 Colorado Ave. (Keystone Heights)
772 Del Mora Lane (St. Augustine Shores)
773 Viscaya Blvd (St. Augustine Shores)
8 Big Horne Dr. (Palm Coast)
8 Moultrie Creek Cir. (Moultrie Woods Townhomes)
800 Newpark Court (Heritage Park)
804 W. 2nd Street (Clark Addition)
8053 San Jose (San Jose Estates)
8075 CR 16A (Elkton)
808 White Eagle Circle (Oakbrook)
809 Pearl Street (West Augustine)
81 Hannah Cole (Hannah's Walk)
813 Valnera Court (St, Augustine Shores)
813 Valnera Court (St. Augustine Shores)
825 Anastasia Blvd #C-16 (Anastasia Island Townhomes)
825 Mackenzie Cir (The Meadows at World Golf Village)
829 Longneedle Drive (Whisper Ridge)
843 Viscaya Blvd. (St. Augustine Shores)
845 Crestwood Drive (Southwood)
848 Alexander Street (Niroc Heights)
850 A1A Beach Blvd. Unit 119 (Ocean Villas)
850 Los Caminos Street (Las Calinas)
853 Mackenzie Cir. (The Meadows at World Golf Village)
8550 A1A South Unit 247 (Summerhouse Condos)
859 Oak Ridge Road (St. Augustine Heights)
859 Oak Ridge Road (St. Augustine Heights)
864 Mackenzie Cir. (The Meadows)
869 Mackenzie Cir (The Meadows)
87 Moultrie Village Lane (Old Moultrie Village)
871 Capri Avenue (St. Augustine Shores)
877 Kings Estate (St. Augustine Heights)
88 Hannah Cole (Hannah's Walk)
882 Marianna Place (San Jose)
915 Brookhaven Drive (St. Johns Golf & Country Club)
9158 August Circle (Summer Island)
9174 August Circle (Summer Island)
920 Bruen Street (West Augustine)
921 Deer Chase Drive (Stonegate)
9269 July Lane (Summer Island)
9605 Ebert Road (Flagler Estates)
9615 Ebert Road (Flagler Estates)
9630 Ebert Road (Flagler Estates)
9635 Ebert Road (Flagler Estates)
9635 Ebert Road (Flagler Estates)
998 San Remo Road (St. Augustine Shores)

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